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Kyudo and Reiho Seminar by Yoshinori Sunaguchi

Saturday August 26th & Sunday August 27th, 10:00AM-5:00PM each day.

At Redwood Kyudojo, La Honda, California

Redwood Kyudojo is hosting a Kyudo and Reiho 2-day seminar instructed by Yoshinori Sunaguchi from Osaka, Japan.

Yoshinori Sunaguchi holds ANKF Kyoshi 6-Dan and Ogasawara Ryu Shigeto Menkyo (highest rank in the Ogasawara Ryu).

Limited to 15 people each day.

Price $40 per single day (Sat or Sun), $70 both days

Bring your own lunch. Tea and snacks provided.

Teaching will focus primarily on ANKF Kyudo with some instruction in Reiho, the proper movements underlying Kyudo Taihai.

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